Profile - Francois Offshore Catering

Francois Offshore Catering is a division owned by Francois Marine & Offshore, who have been servicing the offshore, oil and gas industry for over 25 years in all aspects of marine supplies.

Our founding directors invested in the continuous development of our services in order to expand our expertise and to provide our clients with an extensive range of offshore services. Francois Offshore Catering was thus established in 2010 to deliver Catering and Housekeeping services mainly for offshore markets on oil rigs and vessels operating at worldwide locations.

Our objectives are to provide high standards of food, clean accommodation, a positive health and safety culture, and promote the well-being of all personnel on board.

With credible experience within the respective industries, Francois Offshore Catering is providing services on vessels, rigs, drilling platforms, and other offshore installations.

We pride ourselves as a reputable professional and reliable company that offers unparalleled service, exceptional value and quantifiable results. Our registered quality assurance system underpins the management and operations of all our offshore units.

As a service orientated company, we provide customised solutions, personalised attention, and are always anticipating the needs and requirements of our customers.