Strategic Alliances - Francois Offshore Catering

Strength in Diversity

The diversity of our workforce brings distinctive skills, perspectives and experiences to the company. We have created a strong foundation through our support partners employing native crews at our clients’ request. This diversity in skills and cultural experience enables us to overcome everyday challenges creatively and sensitively.

Costs Benefits

We assist our clients in keeping costs to minimum levels through local procurement & local partnerships. Our objective is always to reduce wastage.

Global Network of Service

At Francois Offshore Catering, we pride ourselves on performance , quality and service excellence. We have extensive geographical access to quality food, motivated manpower and logistical expertise that you can rely on.

To date, we have served in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Greenland, Gulf of Mexico, Japan, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines and Sierra Leone.

Competitive Prices

We always conduct ground work and ensure the availability of products either at local markets or through our global suppliers.