Offshore Catering - Francois Offshore Catering

Healthy Eating

Francois Offshore Catering is actively involved in the improvement of health, well-being, and the general welfare of vessel crews.

We provide options for reduced fat, sugar, salt and calories. Healthier food options and dietary requirements are also readily available.

Efficient Cost Control

By maintaining data and information relating to the consumption throughout all the assets we operate on , we assist in meeting the budgetary requirements of our clients.

Wide Range of Culinary Choices and Cuisines

The experienced culinary team at Francois Offshore Catering is accomplished in creating a wide range of international flavours that will delight the diverse nationalities.

We provide customised menus to fit the different dietary requirements, nationalities, cultures and areas of operation. We will work with you to develop a menu that suits your requirements.

Theme nights and Special Menus

On these nights, special menus are created to fit worldwide celebrations and local national events.