Food Safety Program - Francois Offshore Catering

Health and Safety Policies

Francois Offshore Catering is committed to providing quality and appetising dishes with uncompromising food safety standards. We maintain full compliance with all food safety legislation and aim to exceed the industry standards.

Our health and safety objectives are:

  • To maintain a safe and hygienic work environment with systematic work procedures
  • To comply with client’s food safety standards and requirements
  • To comply with relevant statutory and local legislation and provisions for food hygiene and safety
  • Developing individuals’ awareness on food safety responsibility for all employees

Process Reviews

Regular process reviews to identify all the stages in the food life-cycle, to encompass change, to ensure that hazards are systematically controlled and that foods remain safe if near the critical control point of each process.

Control Plans

Specific hazard awareness and analysis control plan for every food production and service stage/area, in accordance to ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System international standards.