Renewables energy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, which can bring its challenges when you are asking crew to work offshore for the first time.

Francois Offshore Catering can help you to overcome those challenges, providing a ‘Taste of Home’ food service which plays a vital part in crew morale and productivity.

We look after the three aspects of renewables catering – Personnel, Supplies and Service Delivery – through our in-house companies as part of the Northern Group.

The highest quality chefs from a worldwide pool of experienced candidates, via Northern Marine Manning Services, supplies via Francois Marine & Offshore, all backed up by one of the most experienced Operations Teams in the sector, ensuring all aspects of delivery meet the highest standards.

And all this experience is crucial to our sustainably focused approach, demonstrated in everyday meals.  The ability to utilise leftover ingredients and make something delicious and nutritious.

All part of our Taste not Waste philosophy…part of a well-planned, balanced and sustainable menu cycle.